The Whole Enchilada

$229.97 $75.00

Enjoy all of the following programs: (noted with original prices)

1) Simple Short and Sweet yoga ($29)

2) Holiday Hero ($28)

3) Lean Holiday ($29.97)

4) Small Corners Yoga ($28)

5) Online Urban Summer Camp ($80)

6) Awesome Abs ($35)

Total Value: $229.97

Now Only $75!!



Enjoy all of the following programs: 

1) Simple Short and Sweet yoga ($29): Move through 3 full length yoga flows to cultivate Freedom, Ease and Relief. Format: 3 full-length videos (26 minutes long).

2) Holiday Hero ($28): Enjoy 28 short and punchy workouts to get your heart rate up, and strengthen your entire body. Format: 28 full-length videos (5 to 15 minutes long).

3) Lean Holiday ($29.97): Enjoy a 6 week full strength, cardio and stretch program. Format: full colour ebook featuring photos and descriptions of exercises and programming options.

4) Small Corners Yoga ($28): Daily yoga practice designed for small spaces and tight schedules. Format: 28 x 5 to 15 minute flow videos.

5) Online Urban Summer Camp ($80): Bodyweight Bootcamp style training to get the full body strong and energized. Format: Text document with links to short instructional exercise videos.

6) Awesome Abs ($35): Work your core with 70+ Ab exercises, divided into 3 levels and multiple combos. Format: Private link to a webpage with photos and descriptions of the exercises.

Total Value: $229.97

Now Only $75!!



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