Small Corners Yoga

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Small Corners Yoga:

28 Days of Yoga: 15 minute videos of Small Space Yoga Practice.

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Small Corners Yoga

Feel amazing with Small Corners Yoga!

You may have heard that Josh and I are converting our barn into a training space.

Those of you who have lived through renovations will understand how quickly spare room can get eaten up by renovation materials.

Luckily, we don’t need much space to get fit with yoga!

For the past few weeks, I’ve been enjoying my daily yoga practice in a small corner of my office.

It got me thinking: why not film this practice, and welcome you to join the fun?


Build a daily yoga practice.

Feel great.

No props or large spaces needed


Quick, fun & efficient: only 15 minutes per day

Targeted, effective, alignment-based yoga


How do I do the yoga workouts?

All of the workouts will be shared with you through pre-recorded videos, so you will be able to follow along anytime during the day. This is not a live streaming program, giving you the freedom to train whenever you have a spare 15 minutes


I kind of want to do more than 15 minutes of yoga at a time

That is splendid! After 4 days, you will have an hour’s worth of yoga that you can link together. Choose your favourite flow sequences and build your practice as you wish!


Will you be repeating yoga videos?

You will receive a NEW 15 minute yoga workout video every day!


But do I have to piece the exercises together?

Nope, the videos are complete yoga workouts, start to finish. Just grab your mat and jump in.


Do I have to live in Lunenburg to join?

Luckily you can do this program from anywhere, as long as you have an internet connection and a small corner to train in! You will receive links to the workout videos in your email.


Can I invite my friends to join too?

Absolutely! Just share this webpage and they’ll be able to join, just like you.


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