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Yoga Blanket Love


OCT, 2016


Not only do yoga blankets make great capes, or bolster-fort ceilings for your nephew, they can enhance your actual yoga practice too. Here are my favourite ways to enjoy yoga blankets, and feel great in the process.

  • Spinal Integration + Relaxation
  • Cobra Lumbar Support
  • Nice on the Knees leg stretches
  • Blanket Bridge
  • Savasanaahh

Spinal Integration + Relaxation: Fold then roll the blanket into a tight noodle. Rest your sacrum on one end, then lie back over the roll, allow the blanket to ease your spine up, and open your chest and shoulders. Let your head rest on your mat, and the end of the blanket noodle rest at the base of your skull. This feels so good, you may not want to do anything else. That’s okay. Just take some deep breaths.

These blankets are tightly woven cotton, dense and supportive. I love how they support me in these poses.

Cobra Lumbar Support: Fold the blanket into about 1/8th full size. Rest your pelvis on the blanket in cobra, to support the low back a bit while working on upper back extension. This offers a really nice modification for extra tight or sore low backs, and feels generally great.

Nice on the Knees: Fold the blanket to make a cushy rectangle to support your knees in low lunge and hamstring stretch. This will help open up the hip flexors and hamstrings while being nice on the knees.

Blanket Bridge: Rest your shoulder blades on your flat folded blanket during bridge pose. This helps keep the shoulder blades flat on the upper back while opening the chest and breathing deeply. If your neck is really tight, you can reverse this pose and use the blanket as a pillow for your head instead. Just do what feels best for you!

Savasanahhhh: Cuddle up for some cozy relaxation time. Yes, relaxing under a blanket is considered yoga, and may be one of the most beneficial poses of all! Finding stillness in our day to day can really help us get to know ourselves better and move into greater alignment, freedom and ease. Sounds good to me! Set a timer for as many minutes as you can spare (I usually aim for 10) and find stillness in your body. Don’t worry about your thoughts, they don’t need to disappear completely.

In fact, our brains are always working, which is a good thing! So it’s futile to try to turn all of the thoughts off. I find it most helpful to just let the thoughts drift by, and if something comes up that I need to put on my to do list, I just tell myself “don’t worry, that thought will come back once you’re done relaxing.” And they always do!

The yoga blankets I love are from Halfmoon, based in Vancouver. Buy from them directly, or if you’re local to Lunenburg, you can save the shipping and get your own at our studio! Just get in touch for more info or to buy.

This is probably my most used yoga prop, and my own collection includes one in every colour. I’m especially enjoying the new rose pink included in the photos above.