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We Made Stall Bars!

When Josh and I are pretty into something, we make it happen. Forgetting that we don’t actually know how to use them yet, at all, we decided to make our own Stall Bars for the studio. We followed these plans:

DIY Stall Bars

They turned out so well, and we are stoked to get started on them.




So yeah, we don’t know how to use stall bars, but we’ve seen them pop up from time to time in gyms of those we admire. Sometimes you just have to jump in, even if an idea is half-baked. Plus, this is a good way to see if we like using them, before investing more money into higher end options.


Great friends with goood tools: One thing that made this project a cinch was access to a drill press. Our friends have a sweet work shed decked out with their grandpa’s cool tools. Slap a 1-1/4″ spade bit on that press and go to town: all 30 holes drilled in less than 10 minutes. Can you see the glee in my eyes at using this machine?


Do we know how to use stall bars? Not yet!

Two small changes to the plans above: So the dowels are a little bendy. We learned that the trouble with South Shore hardware store dowels is they claim to be hardwood….but also, there’s a chance they might not be. We now have plans to add a support down the centre and then we should be good to go! The other issue with the plans above is they didn’t specify which types of screws to use. We used 1-1/4″ 8s.


We were debating between stall bars and an Iyengar rope wall. A little research showed us that there is a way to attach ropes to the stall bars so it can be converted into a yoga rope wall. Yay! What really hooked me on the idea of stall bars was that they make a perfect drying rack for freshly cleaned mats. Plus they will be fun for our niece and nephews to climb on!

I love DIY projects and can’t wait to get more aquainted with these fun bars!

xo Lisa