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Value yourself to increase your value


I just read Money: A Love Story a book about how to untangle your financial woes and create a life your really want. Here are some of my favourite lessons from this amazing book!



Many of us would love to bring greater abundance into our lives.

I loved reading the book Money: A Love Story because it’s a fun, very yogic workbook on money, abundance, and value.

One exercise in particular has been really impactful: journalling about personal value.

Here’s an excerpt from one of the Money Love worksheets, describing this activity:





This activity wove seamlessly into my daily journalling practice. I love that Kate recommends you do it for 21 days, to make it a habit. I have found it to be a helpful compliment to boost my self-esteem, which spills over into every service I offer, and every interaction I have.

We often tell ourselves a lot of stories about our value. It can be really easy to accept less money than we would like, because of scarcity mindset. We may say things like “sure, they are offering me less money than I would like, but this is a great opportunity, and I don’t know if another one will ever come around so I better take it!”

In my experience, as a yoga teacher, if I feel like I am being fairly compensated for my time, I will show up fully and do a great job. People will enjoy themselves and won’t be able to resist coming back. If I feel like I’m being paid less than my time is worth, I may put in less effort, and because I’m out of alignment, teaching feels more exhausting. People will likely pick up on my glum energy, and won’t be too keen to return.

I have said no to perfectly good opportunities because they didn’t value my time in a way that aligned with my belief of what my time was worth. Amazingly, the “saying no” made space for even better opportunities to come into my life. Trusting that something better will come along can be tough, but to me it always feels more yucky to exhaust myself saying yes to a bum gig.



Boost your self worth to increase your net worth!


Some other helpful takeaways from the book:

  • Money Loves Clarity: Be clear about what you want and why, and abundance cannot help but to flow.
  • Attention is Love: Ignoring our finances is the opposite of loving them, so they won’t thrive without loving attention
  • Bills can be re-named Invoices for Blessings Already Received to help drop into this loving energy

There are many more amazing lessons in this very hands-on workbook, and I wholeheartedly recommend it!

xo Lisa