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Sometimes my best meals come together because an ingredient catches my eye in the grocery store. I saw sushi seaweed sheets (nori) at Sobey’s and thought “I like sushi, maybe I’ll make some.” I also bought Sriracha mayo, thinking “this looks like fun!”

After a few days of seeing them in passing in my cupboard I realized, I don’t need to make individual sushi rolls, I can just throw all of the ingredients into a bowl.

So I rice-cookered some rice, and tore up the sushi sheet into pieces. I added chopped cucumber, avocado and chopped carrot (I think that grated carrot would work better). I topped it with soy sauce and Sriracha mayo.

The results were excellent – it tasted just like a giant avocado roll, in a bowl. As you can guess, it was also hella easy to prepare. A sprinkle of sesame seeds would be nice for next time.

I’m always on the hunt for fun ways to eat veggies, and this is my new favourite. A delicious sushi bowl!

What are some fun ingredients or meals you’ve tried lately?

xo Lisa