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Studio Reno Part 1: The Barn Needs a Haircut

When we were looking to buy our new house, Josh instantly saw the potential of the barn.

“We can totally make this into a training space!” he said excitedly.

My exact reply:

“Please don’t make me go into that creepy barn again.”

Luckily Josh had enough vision for both of us, and knew that the first step of our project was to remove the tree that was growing dangerously close to the barn’s foundation:

There are certain tasks you outsource; chopping down a giant tree is definitely one of them.

Two guys, a chainsaw, and about 30 minutes left us with a pile of logs and no pushy tree.



  • Attack the branches with loping shears (if you ever need some serious stress relief, attack some branches with loping shears).
  • Make a giant stack.
  • Find some random rocks on your property.


After that:

Josh’s Feats of Strength:

And enjoy:

Tune in next time for Studio Reno Part 2: What’s in the Box?