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Easy Shoulder Helpers


NOV, 2016

Yoga Tune Up Balls

Let’s make our tight shoulders feel amazing with these three simple activities:

  • Shoulder Roll
  • Childs Pose Twist
  • T Shoulder Opener

Shoulder Roll: Tuck a pair of yoga tune up balls (or other small balls) under your upper back, on either side of your spine. Lie down over them and breathe deeply. You’ll feel the balls slowly nuzzle into these muscles to stretch them out and help them relax. To increase the release, reach your arms slowly overhead and back down again a few times. Feel the tightness unravel and breathe.


Childs Pose Twist: From all fours (cat position), twist to reach your left arm under your right armpit. Let your left ear rest on the mat. You can cross your ankles for increased stability.  Breathe deeply for 10 breaths; then, slowly switch sides.

T Shoulder Opener: Start lying on your tummy, left ear to the mat. Reach your left arm out in T position, palm face down on the mat. Use your right hand to help you roll your heart open to the right – feeling a stretch through your left shoulder and chest. Support yourself by kick-standing the right foot to the mat behind the left knee (bend the right knee to help with this). Breathe 10 breaths here, then slowly switch sides.