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Morning Pages


SEPT, 2016


One daily habit I love is my morning pages. I learned about the morning pages from the book The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron. I have modified them for a daily use that suits me perfectly.

Currently I use 7-by-10-inch journals from Costco. They come in a 2 pack for $10, and they’re nice because the smaller size feels more accessible. I break up my pages like this:

  • 3 pages of free writing
  • 1/2 page gratitude journalling
  • 1/2 page for To Do’s

Often when I’m doing my free writing component, I remember something I have to do (today or in the future), so I quickly flip to the To Do section and note it, then come back to the pages.

Some days the free writing is mostly gratitude journalling. That’s okay, I can still think of more things to be thankful for once I get to the gratitude section.

This practice really anchors my day, and starts me off with a positive focus. I get my worries out of my head and onto paper, which helps me stop rolling them around in my brain. I find myself psyching myself up for the day ahead. Adorably, Tim Ferriss says this practice can help take the “Monkey Mind” and put it in a playpen. What a great visual!

I find spending these 20-30 minutes writing in the morning gives me hours worth of extra focus and efficiency during the rest of my day. Especially in the afternoon, when my energy levels tend to lull, it helps to have already organized my day and released any potential anxiety via my morning writing practice. So skipping the pages is rarely a worthwhile trade-off.

Do you have any daily journalling practices that help you feel better or focus?

xo Lisa


[Today’s beautiful header photo is of artist Kashmir Thompson via Death to the Stock Photo]