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Loving Me, Loving Earth


SEPT, 2016


During my August Offline experiment, I started to notice that many of the activities I did to improve my own health were also beneficial for the environment.

I spent a lot of time getting around by walking and biking and rollerblading. This was to help me get out in the sunshine and get some exercise, but using the car less was also really beneficial for the environment. Less gas = less pollution, as well as more cash in my bank account.

I grew a vegetable garden which meant less waste surrounding food consumption. Store bought veggies had to be moved there by a truck, and are often picked, washed and prepped by people many kilometres away. Going to my own back yard provided me with fresher, more micronutrient-rich options, and as a side benefit, I get fill my belly with less waste for the world. Plus I use less gas mowing the lawn, because there’s less lawn to mow. Hopefully I’ll have even more garden and less lawn next year!

I spent a ton of time outdoors, especially at the beach. This meant less time in my home using lights, water and air conditioning.

Lastly, I’ve been practicing barefoot walking which makes me more motivated to pick up trash all along my street so I know the road is clear of debris.

It can be easy to forget that the earth is also a living being and things that are good for me might also be good for earth. It’s nice to have this little reminder that often what feels self-centred in might actually have a positive ripple-effect for the world around me.