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I was craving a cinnamon roll last week so I made up this recipe.

Actually, check that – first I went to the grocery store to buy one, and they were all sold out (thankfully!).

So then I came home and made up this recipe 🙂

It’s vegan if you use agave syrup instead of honey.

Blend in the blender 3/4 cup of almonds until finely ground – put this in a bowl and then add 2 tbsps honey (or agave syrup), 2 tbsps white chia, 1 tbsp coconut oil and a splash of coconut milk. Stir this all together until blended and sticky. Place it on saran wrap and use damp fingers to form a square about 5 mm thick.

Next, blend in a bowl 2 tbsps coconut manna, 1/2 to 1 tsp cinnamon (depending on how cinnamony you like it), and 1 to 2 tbsps more honey (or agave). Spread this over your almond chia square, then using the saran wrap, roll into a tight roll and slice into a few rolls. Refrigerate the rolls for maybe 30 minutes so they chill and stick together. Yum!