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I am in love with practicing handstand.

Here are some building blocks to increasing your strength, core stability and balance in this super fun upside-down pose:

Step 1: Hovering cat

  • Start on all 4’s, arms straight, gaze forward, heels brushing the wall
  • Inhale, and as you exhale, sink your ribcage towards the mat
  • Balance the sinking ribs by pulling in strongly with your abs
  • Lift your knees 3 inches from the mat, hold and breathe



Step 2: Half Handstand at the Wall

  • Start in hovering cat, then place one foot up on the wall behind your bum
  • Straighten that leg and bring your other leg up so your feet are side by side
  • Continue staring at that spot in between your hands and holding
  • Keep your fingers super wide and grip the mat with your finger-pads



Play with Half Handstand Split by lifting one leg at a time. Keep core so strong.




To kick up to handstand:

  • Start facing the wall, then sink ribs like before
  • Pull in abs strongly
  • Stare at your “drishti point” (an un-moving spot in front of you – usually at the baseboard)
  • Extend one leg long behind you, then bend deeply into your grounded leg before springing up to the wall



Play around here, building up strength by hovering for a few seconds away from the wall, and resting heels and/or butt on the wall .

Have fun and let me know how it goes!

xo L