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A client has been strength training for months, and noticing dramatic improvements in her lifts.

The other day she was out walking. She is an avid walker but isn’t a fan of running. For some reason she can’t quite articulate, she decided to run for a bit. She has realized since she’s been getting stronger, other things are getting easier. This includes running, which didn’t tire her out like it used to, which she says “actually felt really good!”

Here we’re talking about strong foundations. In yoga we aim to root into a pose’s strong foundation first, before we reach and radiate from the roots.

Pada bandha can enhance rooting in any standing pose. Pada means foot, and a bandha is an energy channel. Pada bandha is when we screw our feet into the floor, dialing energy towards the baby toes.

Try it now. Make sure your feet are parallel, and allow this dialing out energy to travel all the way to your hips (if you try it, you’ll feel what this means). Doesn’t this feel more stable throughout the entire leg?

Now, over your strong rooted legs, reach your arms overhead and stretch tall with a big inhale.

Let this pose go, let your pada bandha go. Now reach up again and see if you notice a difference.

Doesn’t it feel easier to stretch up over strong legs?

Last week we had a big wind storm. I watched the trees with awe as they bent and swayed but didn’t fall over or break.

This is the energy of rooting to radiate.

Back to the client. She had spent months working her alignment and muscular strength, creating a strong rootedness throughout her entire body. Now she is able to jog on a whim without fuss – this is her radiating dynamic energy with ease because of her strong foundation of strength.

Everything gets easier with strength!

If you want to get started getting stronger, but don’t know where to start, we have one spot open in Small Group personal training: Wendesdays and Fridays at 7 a.m. Get in touch if this spot is yours, or if we can help you get started in other ways.

xo Lisa