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Easter is one of my fave long weekends.

The weather is nice, and there is lots of time to have some really good visits with friends and family.

However, there are some aspects of Easter that can really send your health and fitness regime off the rails. Here’s how to cope.

1) Indulge in some eggs. Real eggs.

Starting off with a healthy eggy brekkie each day of the long weekend will keep you full through the morning. Add in some veggies and you have a perfect meal to avoid mid-morning crash and sugar craving. Here’s a recipe Josh and I use for a colourful omlette:

  • Finely chop a red onion and some mushrooms, fry them at medium heat in some coconut oil.
  • Chop up some colourful peppers – splurge for red, yellow, orange and green. Add these to the onion and mushroom mix.
  • While these are cooking, whip some eggs and a splash of coconut milk in a bowl.
  • Transfer the veggies to a bowl, transfer the eggs to the pan, and then put the veggies back on top of the eggs.
  • If you like, add a couple handfuls of spinach and a bit of grated Old Cheddar on top of the veggies.
  • This is where I cook it for a few minutes with the lid on, to make the spinach wilt.
  • Carefully fold the omlette in half once it’s fold-able, then continue cooking until it’s cooked through (it is very scientific).
  • Serve with a big side of greek yogurt and fresh salsa – yum yum!




Another one of my fave eggy breakfasts is even easier than the omlette:

  • Poach 2 eggs
  • Slice up an avocado and some small tomatos
  • Put everything on spinach, add a dollop of cottage cheese and drizzle with Frank’s Red Hot
  • Enjoy!


2) Hide the junk food…right out of the house

If it is in the house, it will get eaten. Even hiding it out of sight behind a high-up, closed cupboard door can help you sort of forget about it, or at least have to work to get at it, but the best is to not bring it into the house in the first place.

3) If you want some treats, opt for a small amount of high-quality stuff.

Dark chocolate or chocolate dipped strawberries are my faves (YUM). One square of Lindt and I’m satisfied; whereas an entire bag of those tinfoil egg chocolates will leave me sad and unsatiated.

4) Spend quality time with family and friends, around activities instead of food

Going for a walk together is good for the body and the soul. This is Josh and Erica and Cody and Penny on a walk we all took together last Easter. I don’t remember exactly what we ate for dinner, but I do still remember exploring this little island together with Ira and Morgan too.

Easter 2012

5) If your traditions involve big feasts with lots of drinking, use some or all of these strategies:

  • break the junk food chain by giving non-food based gifts – books, itunes gift cards, movie passes are all much appreciated
  • fill up on veggies – snack on broccoli and hummus, and fill your plate with salad, while taking smaller portions or tastes of the other stuff.
  • drink lots of water, and sip perrier instead of beer
  • Do not beat yourself up if you slip – just get back on track with the very next meal 🙂


Here is a quick workout for you to enjoy, filmed in Maui. This is something you can do once over the weekend, or every day, to get some training in and keep your metabolism revved up.

Make sure you warm up first, and stretch/roll afterwards.

Please also share your thoughts and experiences with Eggs, Easter, or the video!!


Hoppy Easter!

<3 Lisa