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Kettlebell Couples: Friends with Benefits

A loud “beep!” rings out from the gymboss interval timer. Josh and I gratefully set down our kettlebells and give each other a sweaty hug, kiss and high five. Happy we decided to train instead of pass. Proud of how hard we worked. Stoked to have each other to share it...

Pigeon Stretch

One of my fave hip openers – modify to the “Figure 4” stretch if your knees or hips do not agree with this one. Never force it 🙂 xo L

Review: Oakley Race Day Tank

5 signs your tank is tops: When putting it on, it doesn’t feel like you are wrestling to squeeze yourself into some medieval torture device. Once you put it on it feels like you’re naked. It supports you through all kinds of training. It wicks sweat away....